We see you as the healthy person we know you can be.

Through our state-of-the-art technology, we individualize each care plan to help you naturally achieve all your health goals. By removing nerve interference, we empower your body to heal itself from above, down, inside, out!

Our Mission

To bring true health to everyone through specific scientific chiropractic care. We are on a mission to transform this community into the healthiest community in the country, one family at a time. We believe every man, woman, and child deserve the right to experience an optimal life free of drugs.

Our Technique


At Pure Chiropractic we utilize the most up to date technique in Chiropractic history. The Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a perfect mixture of the top techniques in Chiropractic. Torque Release was born from a research study designed to determine the validity of chiropractic. Scientific research has proven over and over that Torque Release is the most effective, reproducible and specific chiropractic adjustment in the world. Research from a respected psychiatric journal shows decreased levels of depression and anxiety when Torque Release adjustments are performed. As the first technique of the new millennium, Torque Release is the most gentle and specific adjustment available for all ages, leading to an improved state of well-being.

Our Technology

At Pure Chiropractic we use the most advanced technology published by NASA to assess your nervous system. The Insight Discovery Subluxation Station provides Dr. John with the most quantitative, reliable, scientifically valid, multidimensional view of your current health state.

This equipment allows Dr. John to be more accurate with your health needs, as well as, keeping track of your progression through a specific care plan designed around your health needs. Our advanced technology provides Dr. John the ability to constantly maintain the highest standards of care for you and your family with constant monitoring of your current state.